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Frequently Asked Questions


How does Foxfire! work with my Fox applications?

FOXFIRE.APP can be called directly from your existing FoxPro application by adding a simple menu option or command button. Your users see Foxfire! as just another component of your application. Unlike other report writers, there's no need for a RUN command or for loading a separate executable.


Can my system's untrained users create their own queries and reports?

Definitely. Part of the mission of Foxfire! is to shield your users from the complexities of data structures, SQL queries, and the FoxPro Report Writer. The users don't need to know "how" to get the results they want, they simply point to the "what" and let Foxfire! handle the details.


Will running the demo give me enough information to make a buying decision?

TheFoxfire! demo is a fully-working version of the product, with a few restrictions. You can create queries and reports using our sample data, or create dictionaries for your own system's data and create reports from that. The demo is limited to 100 result set records (two pages or so) when reporting with your system's data, and reports can be run only to the screen, not to the printer.


What sort of hardware and software does Foxfire! require?

The requirements to run Visual FoxPro should be sufficient for Foxfire! as well. If you're using FoxPro for Windows v2.x, you'll need at least a 386 with 8MB of RAM under Windows 3.1x (faster CPU and more memory may be required for other Windows platforms). Foxfire! is also compatible with Windows 95, Windows NT 3.5x, Windows NT 4.0, and any NetBIOS-compatible network (Novell Netware, Windows NT, Lantastic, etc.)


I need to be able to limit what data can be seen by different types of users. Can Foxfire! handle that?

Foxfire! is very customizable. Because it is largely data-driven, the appearance, features, and runtime behavior of Foxfire! can be changed extensively without any need to rebuild or recompile source modules. By setting a few checkboxes, you can restrict your users' access to specific queries or to whole classes of Foxfire! features.


Many of my reports are run over and over, with different criteria like the beginning and ending dates of the quarter. Do my users have to change the query in Foxfire! each time?

No. You can build the query and report once, and then tell Foxfire! to ask the user to fill in the parameters each time the job is run. This "Ask-at-Runtime" feature can be configured to allow the users to add new criteria on-the-fly as well.


Will Foxfire! help my users create queries using non-Fox data sources?

Yes. The new Enterprise Edition can query and report on Access, MS Sql Server, Oracle, and Sybase databases.


Can I customize the appearance of the report output to add my company logo and use special fonts?

Yes. Foxfire! uses the user's specifications to create a FoxPro report form (FRX) in one of several user-selectable layout styles. This makes it very easy to customize the layout, using a tool you already have (the Fox Report Writer). Standard elements like company logos can be added to the template file used by Foxfire! so they'll appear in every new report.


Can Foxfire! generate Web pages?

One of the output styles available from Foxfire! is "Character-Web". The results of your query are formatted and placed into a text file with appropriate HTML tags (we use the PRE pre-formatted, fixed-spacing option). Foxfire! also provides "hooks" for using GENREPOX, Max Egger's free third-party tool for achieving more advanced HTML effects.

What kind of technical support is included?

see Foxfire! Tech Support Policy