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Features List

Report Types

  • Detail one output per selected record
  •  Summary one output per selected group of records
  •  Cross-tab (1 x 1) one calculation per pair of row and column values
  •  Labels Most Avery styles and custom
Advanced Features
  • Multi-user architecture
  • Importing and Exporting Requests uses XML
  • Advanced OO Ask-at-Runtime dialog
  • DDE Server API
Query Features
  • Multi-table LEFT, RIGHT, INNER, FULL JOIN support 
  • Top N values 
  • User-defined filters at runtime  prompt for full criteria or data values only 
  • Validation from table or "values-on-file" lookups 
  • Generated SQL can be edited, or write your own 
  • Sub queries
  • Data dictionary ties a descriptive name to complete input editing, processing, and formatting specs for each field or expression  
  • Data views can be predefined and modified during execution (with included utility or programmatically)  
  • Feature and option privileges for each user  
  • Logic hooks for custom pre-and post-processing
Other Output Options
  • WWWeb browse-able files 
  • Spreadsheet
  • Pivot Table (MS Excel® required)
  • Graphs (MS Graph or Excel required) 
  • DBF and ASCII files 
  • Mail-merge file 
  • Browse Window
Goof Proof Printer Control
  • Default printer setup for each user 
  • Automatic Fit-to-Page functions 
  • Meaningful printer/queue names


  • Tables, fields, features, reports (all or parts) can be restricted for each user

Developer's Edition

  • All components required to recompile new application
  • Royalty-free distribution with custom application (must be compiled)
  • VAR and OEM Agreements available 
  • Simple, powerful query facility is accessible from any place in your application (to create updateable browser, etc.)