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Foxfire! is a query and reporting tool for developers and end users of all skill levels. Users can query, report, graph, drill down and perform other data mining tasks from FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, MS Sql Server, Access, Sybase, and Oracle tables. Its managed query environment and quick-report generator allow users to create the most complex queries and reports without technical skill or programming. It is a complete FoxPro application that includes all the necessary FoxPro project components.

Foxfire! Developer's Editions can be integrated with a larger application in minutes to offer users these benefits:

  • Totally customizeable; you can set data views, control user privileges, even add your own reporting features
  • Has built-in highly customizable Ask-at-Runtime filter dialog so that users can be prompted at runtime for filter values.
  • Creates optimized SQL queries and FRX files Allows layouts to be constructed automatically from a template that can be modified using an editor or with program logic
  • Eliminates specification of:
    1. File, path and field names
    2. Join expressions, index keys, or foreign key fields which link tables
    3. LAN Print queue and local printer information
    4. Formulae, expressions, group summary calculations, and other derived data