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How to Distribute Foxfire! with Your Product

Standard Edition (FoxPro tables only)

A separate agreement is required to distribute Foxfire! with Commercial Products (a Commercial Product is a program distributed to more than one organization). Quarterly reporting and royalty payments are also required.

Review our Policy on Update Subscriptions for the Standard Edition.

Two affordable arrangements are available:

OEMs (Benefit: Make More Money)

An OEM creates a private-label version of Foxfire! and sells it as a separate option. This relationship is best when your customers:

  • are used to purchasing features or modules separately
  • think ad-hoc reporting is valuable enough to pay for the additional capability

VARs (Benefit: Compete for Less)

A VAR includes Foxfire! in every copy of their product distributed. The VAR relationship is best when your customers:

  • expect ad-hoc reporting to be included as a standard feature
  • will not buy your product without it
  • will not pay extra for it
VAR or OEM -- which one is best for you?

The VAR agreement looks less expensive initially. But keep in mind that the OEM agreement brings you extra revenue whenever a customer buys the optional report writer. Best of all, you always get the larger share of this add-on sale.

Enterprise Edition

A license is necessary for each person who uses the Designer concurrently. Every Developer needs an Enterprise Developers Edition to create custom versions of FF (i.e. populate the dictionary, add functionality to FFCONFIG, etc.). and every separate site with end users using the Designer needs licenses for their site.

Email for more information.