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Translating Foxfire! to Non-English Languages

There are several methods for translating Foxfire! (including buying a ready-made translation in the case of the German version.)

Method One. -- Do It Yourself

If you want to do the translation work yourself, you must obtain permission from Micromega first. Contact us for a Translator's Addendum (an addendum to the Developer's Edition License). The Translator's Addendum includes:

An agreement between Micromega and You, in which we grant you the right to translate in exchange for your assigning all intellectual property rights from the translated work to Micromega. Please note:

We will grant you an exclusive, royalty-free license for distribution of the translation with your own custom apps and commercial products too, subject to same terms as our regular VAR or OEM agreements or the English version (please note that you may not provide the translation to other developers for any purpose)

We will not use any part of the translated work without your permission.Special forms that must be signed by the individuals who will actually do the translation work.

After you sign and return all the forms to us, we will give you the license to proceed with the translation. For copies of the agreements, please contact our licensing department at

Method Two -- Micromega Will Do It For You

If you want to save the time and expense of a tedious programming task, Micromega can create a translation for you. We will not charge for preparing the translated program, but you must provide us with the exact words and phrases you want embedded in the translated program to replace the English phrases (we call these the "phrasebook files". You must provide the phrasebook files on disk, in special files that we will give you. The translation takes a few days.

In exchange for doing preparing the translated work for you, we receive ownership rights to the translated work and the right to use your translation phrases to create a commercial version that Micromega can resell to other customers, including other developers, if they wish. Contact for more details.

Method Three. -- Micromega and You Form a Joint Venture to Create and Distribute the Translation

Micromega is currently seeking venture partners to translate Foxfire! into Spanish, French, and Portuguese, and other languages where demand warrants.

This arrangement begins in similar fashion to Method Two. You provide the translation phrases necessary to produce the phrasebook files and an end user guide in electronic form or in hard copy. Micromega provides you with technical support and creates the translated version from the phrasebook files.

After the translated version is ready, you market and distribute the translated software. We share the revenue from sales of the product and VAR and OEM licensing agreements according to an agreed-to formula.

To qualify for this arrangement, you must have a solid business track record, experience with marketing and distributing software, the staff necessary to provide your developer customers with technical support in the language of the translation, and a strong presence in the region where you will be distributing the software.

Contact for more details.


Foxfire! German

complete German translation of Foxfire! is currently available throughProLib Tools, GmbH. of Kaiserslautern Germany.

For more information,email or call +011.49.631.36125-29