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Foxfire! v6.02 Patches

Due to a bug that causes a Menu Manager Inconsistency Error when performing certain tasks in Foxfire! 6.02 under Visual FoxPro 7, we have made available an update to the FFFORMS class library. Developers using Visual FoxPro 7 and Foxfire! 6.02 should download this update and recompile their FOXFIRE.APP. If you prefer, we can send you an updated APP file if you send our support department an email with your registered name and email.


This patch will work with both Enterprise and Standard editions of Foxfire! v 6.02.


Download FFFORMS Update


Please note: this patch WILL NOT WORK WITH Foxfire! 6.0 and will result in compilation errors. DO NOT APPLY TO Foxfire! 6.0 installations. Only apply to Foxfire! 6.02.

Foxfire! v6.0 Cumulative Patches and Updates

The last set of public Foxfire! v6.0 patches and minor updates are available below. As of October 1, 2001, all future updates are available through the Foxfire! Update Subscription package. Foxfire! customers who purchased Foxfire! in September will automatically be sent the latest version.

The September 2001 patches include both code updates and a recompiled APP file in Visual FoxPro 6.0. The Zip file is password protected. You may receive the password by emailing

Foxfire! Enterprise Edition (September 2001) Update

Foxfire! Standard Edition (September 2001) Update

Read Me File

If you do not have source code or you have a Standalone Edition, contact so that we can send you a new compiled application file.


If you are running a version of WebConnect higher than 2.96, you will need the following updated files:
Foxfire! Web Publisher Updates to support WWC 3.360( October 15th)