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To purchase any of the products listed here, click here to go to the Micromega store or email sales for pre-sales questions.

Foxfire! Developer Edition's are designed to be integrated and distributed with another Visual FoxPro application. Both editions come with source code so developers are able to change the Foxfire! interface and easily recompile the application! A fully functional Foxfire! can be distributed with the VFP application but can only be used to query and report on the applications database.
  • Foxfire! v6.06 Enterprise Developers Edition - $395.00

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The Enterprise Edition is licensed by concurrent seat (refered to as an End-user license). End-user licenses are needed for creating and editing reports. A royalty free runtime is included to allow an unlimited number of users to run existing reports. The Developers Edition includes a single End-user license and source code.

Additional End-user licenses must be purchased when distributing the Enterprise Edition. End-user licenses are sold in 5-packs starting at $495.00 for the first 5-pack. Volume discounts are available.