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Terms For Distributing Update Subscription Technology to Your Customers
10 September, 2002

The update subscription for the Standard Developer's Edition will give you a year's worth of technology updates. This usually amounts to 4 quarterly updates a year (but that number is not guarantee).

The subscription runs twelve months from the later of the anniversary of your product purchase date, or from 30 September 2001. So if you bought before 30 September 2001, your subscription would run until 30 September, 2002. All of the technology received during the same one-year subscription period is considered one "new version" for distribution purposes.

To simplify this discussion, let's agree to use the term "updated technology" to describe any and all technology installments received in any of the technology installments during a single subscription year.

Please note that the updated technology can be used with only one copy of Standard Developer's Edition (v6.x or later), and is governed by the same terms as the License Agreement for that Standard Developer's Edition product. Each Developer who works with a Developer's Edition License must obtain their own fully paid-up Standard Developer's Edition License, and update subscription to work with the Foxfire! Technology.

VAR's and OEM's
If you have a VAR or OEM agreement in force, please note that you must make monthly reports and royalty payments to receive and maintain the rights to distribute any updated technology with your commercial product.

When distributing to a NEW CUSTOMER, you must pay a full distribution fee (in the case of an OEM) or surrender a full pre-paid distribution credit (in the case of a VAR) for each copy that you distribute with a technology update.

When distributing updated technology to EXISTING CUSTOMERS, you must also pay or surrender a full distribution credit for each such distribution. If you are a VAR, in keeping with the "Foxfire!-is-not- optional" nature of the VAR agreement, you cannot selectively update some customers and not others to keep royalties down. All your active customers must be updated at once, and royalties paid and reported at that time.

Question: If I get two installments during my one-year subscription period that I want to give to my customers, I must pay two distributions for each customer?

Answer: No. All of the updated technology you receive during the one-year subscription period is considered one "new version", so you can update your customer one time per installment during that period for a single distribution fee. An example: if you get four installments during the subscription period that your customers must have, you can update them four times but pay for one distribution only.

Acceptance of the update subscription technology is deemed to be acceptance of these conditions.

Please email if you have questions.