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Technical Support Policy

Foxfire! technical support questions have generally fallen into two categories.

  • Getting Started questions: installation, upgrading, and general setup and configuration.
  • Advanced setup, configuration, querying, and reporting questions.

The technical support services available are designed to address these two categories of questions. The goal is that questions in category #1 should be answered promptly and at no charge.

Questions in category #2 involve designing complex reports, attempting to achieve the proper query results, data warehousing and partitioning schemes, two-pass reporting solutions, custom data item programming, etc., etc. These questions fall outside the bounds of basic technical support; and therefore, it is not possible to provide free support for these questions. Accurate answers to these types of questions generally requires a detailed understanding of the customers business and database. However, Micromega has a Foxfire! Consulting Services branch to accommodate these more advanced needs of customers.

Micromega Systems reserves the right to make adjustments to its technical support policy at any time, including discontinuation of such support.

The two support categories are outlined below.

Free Support

Free e-mail support is available at Free support covers installation, upgrading, and general setup and configuration issues.

Free support is also available on the Foxfire! Support Forum. Our support will monitor the Forum on a daily basis.

Foxfire! Advanced Technical Support (For Fee)
Advanced technical support is available for Foxfire! v6.0, Standard and Enterprise. Advanced technical support addresses a wide range of customer needs, from implementation strategies to advice in constructing a report.

The key to easy end user queries and reports with Foxfire! is in proper setup. Foxfire! provides highly configurable, flexible platform that you can shape to managed the query process for end users. If you need help, our developers have years of Foxfire! experience that can be deployed to help you take full advantage of Foxfire!. Some typical issues are:

  • Designing complex reports
  • Database Optimization
  • Generating correct SQL for proper query results
  • Setting up a security scheme
  • Custom data item programming
  • Customizing the product interface
  • Database partitioning strategies
  • Integrating Foxfire! with your application
  • and Much More

Foxfire! Advanced Support services are billed on an hourly basis. Email for more information.