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Web Publisher Demo

The Foxfire! v6.0 Web Publisher is a new add-on included FREE with every Foxfire! v6.0 Developers Edition. It's built using the powerful West Wind Web Connection web development tool so you can now seamlessly integrate e-reporting into all your development projects. This is a fully working demo with Foxfire! v6.0 reports being published from an NT Server running Foxfire! v6.0, Foxfire! v6.0 Web Publisher, and West Wind Web Connection 2.96. The database is a Visual FoxPro sample database that ships with Foxfire! v6.0. The reports are also the samples the ship with the product. Output returned is either pure HTML or PDF files. There are two reports in each sample Preference that return PDF output. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files. All other reports return pure HTML.

If you are using a Web Connection version later than 2.96, you will need some updated files. Download them from our download area.

Click Here to launch the Foxfire! v6.0 Web Publisher