About Us

Why Us?






Our experience, philosophy and customer-advocacy positioning offers significant advantages over our competitors. We hope you'll take the time to look at the facts. If you do, you'll see why doing business with Micromega makes sense.


Business Approach
Our large systems background and decades of experience enable us to create cost-effective solutions that will serve you for years. We provide proposals up front with realistic estimates that we usually meet. We combine large-system software engineering disciplines, watchful project management, and minimal maintenance techniques into high-quality systems. And we follow a few golden rules: tell it straight and doing business in a way that leaves our clients feeling whole, even if we make that occasional mistake or have differing opinions.


Long Term Outlook
We know that delivering software is just the start of our relationship. After installation, we'll be there for training, support, advice and enhancements that maximize your ROI.


The Benefits of Standardization
We've learned to build with standard software components that are either developed in-house or licensed from third parties. The advantage is that you don't pay to reinvent the wheel. Our strategy puts your budget dollars to work where they do the most good, namely: creating a glove-fit solution for your business needs developing it in the shortest time possible, sometimes with a phased implementation making custom software that is as easy-to-use as off-the-shelf packages minimizing the cost of maintenance By the way, one of our own components is so good that we turned it into a commercial product. It's sold to other developers and has received nine awards for technical excellence and usability from developers and end users alike.


Visualizing with Rapid Application Development
Watching software or a web site in operation makes it much easier to spot wrong headed thinking or identify specific improvements than working with visualization alone. So by combining a top-down approach with our "stock parts" approach, we can create prototypes that demonstrate results quickly. It stops wrong-headed thinking before it becomes an expensive mistake.


Our Minimal Maintenance Strategy Will Save You Big $$$
The biggest, hidden cost of a system -- as much as 80% -- hits you AFTER installation, during the maintenance stage. Over time, modifications and enhancements will be required because of changing business conditions -- new opportunities, government regulations, etc. So whatever you can do up front to reduce maintenance costs returns big cost savings in the future. We have developed proven techniques that reduce or completely eliminate maintenance. During the requirements and design phases, we'll ask questions to expose areas of potential change in your business. Then we'll design and build in ways that allow you to address most of those changes yourself, without expensive programming. Finally, in those few cases where additional programming is unavoidable, we can cut the cost significantly thanks to our structured, component-ized approach to software construction.

Nine More Reasons To Do Business With Micromega