About Us

Why Us?






If the above facts aren't enough for you, consider these additional reasons for doing business with Micromega Systems

Track Record
Most of our business comes from repeat customers and their referrals. They know they can rely on us tp consistently deliver the highest quality resports on time and within budget.

Quality correlates directly to the people involved. At Micromega, we carefully select people of the highest caliber, and train them to use our proven tools and techniques. As a result, you won't find higher quality services and systems at any price.

Outstanding Service
Service is our hallmark, because we believe our success depends on their satisfaction.

We've been in business over 20 years. Each group leader has at least that much experience with business database applications of all sizes. So we understand the business and technical issues of information management and know how to deal with them.

Our firm is recognized as a benchmark for professionalism in our industry by customers, vendors, and even competitors. Our president started or served as officer and member of many professional organizations like the Independent Computer Consultants Association, Microcomputer Manager's Association, etc. He and other members of our management team have spoken at numerous conferences, as well as being quoted or writing numerous articles for trade journals.

We're Easy to Work With
We listen.We take time to understand. And we speak plain English. It's the difference between being business people who know how to harness computers versus programmers who can hardly wait to start write software.

We'll Spend Your Money Like We'd Spend Ours
We don't like throwing our money away. So we assume you don't either. We'll never recommend something to you that we wouldn't follow ourselves.

We're There When Things Go Wrong
When things are going well, everyone looks like a hero. But if they go wrong, that's where we shine. Our clients can tell you we stand behind our work. We'll hang in there to straighten out whatever problems arise regardless of who's responsible (and anyone in this business who tells you they've been responsible for a technical problem is probably, well … forgetful).

We Deliver Value
As a business person, you know that you get what you pay for. Our customers will tell you that our services are well worth the cost because our people and experience enable us to do the job right and save them money in the process. We know how to achieve the right outcome, where not to cut corners, and how to avoid expensive pitfalls.

We welcome the opportunity to substantiate any of these points by providing you with references whom you can freely contact.